There are a number of concerns that arise for any couple going through a divorce. If you have kids, you will be understandably concerned about custody arrangements. If you have a business, you want to make sure that it does not suffer as a result of the end of your marriage. The latter of these is one of the most common property division issues that face high-asset divorcees.

You should be aware of the assets that are likely to be most vulnerable in a divorce. Whether or not you have a pre- or postnuptial agreement in place, it is advisable to attain legal representation, too, to help you navigate the complexities of asset retention as well as the other issues you will face in a divorce. 

1. Business profits

Typically, unless a prior agreement dictates property division, a court may rule that all marital property be split evenly between two exes. The key here, however, is understanding the difference between marital property and separate property. If your ex played a substantial role in growing your business, your ex may seek part of its value and profit, but you may retain this asset if you can establish its separation.

2. Insurance policies

Insurance policies are yet another consideration that will be crucial in navigating your permanent separation. If you have life insurance, for example, a court may rule that its cash value be split between you and your ex. According to Bankrate, whether your insurance policies have a cash value and how much it is will depend on the type of insurance you have. 

3. Valuable property

There are plenty of other items you likely do not want to lose in your divorce. What about your home or cars? What about the cash in your bank account? These are all vulnerable when you file for divorce, and it is crucial that you proactively take steps to protect them from an ex who may seek to claim a portion of your assets.