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When you face a legal matter it is important to take steps to make sure you attain the best possible outcome. In most situations the best way to do that is to work with an attorney who has knowledge of your matter. If you need assistance with a family law, business or real estate matter in the Minnetonka area, the lawyers at Hajek Legal Services can help.

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Legal Representation In Divorces Involving Businesses And Real Estate

All divorces have the capacity to be complex. This is particularly true when there is a business or real estate, the ownership of which needs to be determined. Before the assets can be divided they must first be valued, which can be complicated. Attorney Bob Hajek is a divorce lawyer who is also a commercial attorney. Accordingly, he understands what needs to be addressed in the course of a divorce of this nature.

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TESTIMONIAL FROM A RECENT CLIENT: “I credit the life I have today to your skillful talent and your attention to detail” – Jeff H.

Why Choose Us?

If you are in need of help with a legal issue you may be confused about how to select a lawyer. There are multiple reasons why it makes sense to contact Hajek Legal Services..

  • Attorney Hajek has over 40 years of complex divorce and custody experience and he has represented many different Minnesota businesses owners and real estate developers throughout his career.
  • Bob Hajek’s experience with business and real estate matters means that if your divorce involves either or both of these elements, you do not need to hire expensive experts to hand hold the inexperienced lawyer.
  • The firm’s focus is representing Minneapolis men with their family law matters.
  • Bob’s hourly rates are competitive, so hiring him is a no-brainer.

Put Us To Work For You

Selecting the right attorney for your needs is the first step toward reaching a satisfactory resolution of your legal matter. Our practice focuses on representing men in Minneapolis in need of help with a family law matter. Check out the rest of this site for more information then contact us online or call us at 612 801 5067. You’ll like what you see, especially the testimonials and our focus on protecting men’s rights.