“I recently met with Bob as I was having concerns with my current divorce attorney. I learned more in a one hour consultation with Bob than the entire time with my previous attorney. As a result, I have now retained Bob to help me finalize my divorce. I left his office uplifted as I now have a much better understanding of how the process works and clarity on next steps.”

Kevin B.

“Mr. Bob Hajek is an exceptional attorney. I had been with 4 other attorneys before him and always came out on the bottom. With Bob’s knowledge and experience, he knew just what to do with my complex case right from the consult. I had a spousal maintenance motion for reduction because my loss of employment was denied by the court. He felt so badly that the decision was wrong that he agreed to appeal the decision of the Dakota County District Court Judge to the Minnesota Court of Appeals at ZERO cost for attorney fees. As a result, I was able to settle the case on very favorable terms. I am very pleased with the outcome. Mr. Hajek thoroughly knows the law, has a wealth of experience, provides exemplary representation and has compassion for his clients. I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Hajek.”

John D.

“Bob Hajek represented my interests as a father of a minor child in a parenting schedule conflict post stipulated judgment and decree. Bob provided the no-nonsense, matter of fact representation and voice needed in my case. I was pleased with the result.”

Brad S.

“Bob helped with my divorce over 35 years ago. Since then he has been the only attorney for my health care business. He has handled all employment and employee issues, contracts and lawsuits with excellent success. He has always been extremely responsive to any request and has provided me with invaluable advice. He is an excellent litigator and business advisor for divorces, real estate and business matters. I highly recommend him.”

Susan S.

“I went to work and came home to find my wife had taken our son and moved out. She made up false allegations about me in order to obtain an order of protection against me. I was lost and in a very bad situation with no hope. I searched online for attorneys. I found one that was cheap, but she didn’t seem to have a sense of urgency to help me get my son back and have the order lifted. I did more searching and found that Bob Hajek and Don Beauclaire had very good reviews. I called Bob and he got right to work and knew how serious my situation was. My order is now lifted off me and I am going to have my son all weekend with me starting tomorrow and going forward also. The work Bob and Don did to get my son back home to me and get my order lifted was amazing, so I know they will handle the rest of my divorce in the same manner. Bob is straight forward and gives you the reality of what you are dealing with. He fights for you as if you are family to him and he doesn’t let up. My advise to anyone going through this is don’t wait just call Bob. Don’t waste money on cheap inexperienced lawyers, these matters are too serious and carry major life implications. Bob and Don are the best choice you can make when your back is up against the wall and you need help.”

Adam T.

“I have worked with Bob Hajek and Don Beauclaire for many years. They are exceptionally skilled, capable, and intelligent attorneys. I recommend their services without reservation.”

Mark N. Lazar

“Dear Atty. Bob Hajek,

I talked to Jim and he asked me how the probate was going. I said that it was all done and that you did an outstanding job!”

Jim said, “Bob is the best at what he does and he is a good man that I trust my life to him. That is why I recommended him to you.” You definitely made the process less painful.”

“Thank you very much and to your staff for your hard work and expertise in representing the estate of my beloved husband in the probate litigation. Most of all, thank you very much for your compassion and kindness. He can completely rest in peace now because I can stay in our house as per his wishes.”

My gratitude to you is the memory of my heart. May God continue to richly bless you always for your good deeds.”

Susana and Frank

“There are times in your life when you find yourself needing to quickly understand the law. When those moments come you tend to be overwhelmed by the situation or perhaps too busy with your daily life to really take the time to figure out what to do first. Well, when you grasp the reality of the situation, bottom-line your first step is to hire a lawyer, but not just any lawyer. You need someone who will keep you focused on the essentials of the case; provide you sound knowledgeable legal advice based on real world experience and one who will guide you in putting out those fires and leaving you with realistic expectations for your situation. You need Bob.

I found myself in a complex divorce case involving: child custody, a family business needing an evaluation, my spouses’ business income needing an evaluation, multiple real estate transfers, leasing issues, proving a fair child support, proving need for spousal support, disability, navigating mediation and finally trial. I can honestly say every step of the way Bob knew what to do and his experience showed with his legal guidance. His compassion for my children, me and our situation was comforting during one of the most difficult times in my life. Whenever new court documents came out I got notice right away and Bob always took the time to make sure my questions had been answered and I knew what to expect and prepare next. During the complex case I had the chance to work with many of the members of the [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″] team and found everyone knowledgeable and helpful at every stage of the case.

After the divorce Bob’s wonderful service and guidance continued with making sure everything was properly addressed including the need for wills and health care directives. I am so happy to have been recommended to Bob and would recommend him. Bob will give you clarity and peace of mind for the best possible long-term solutions for the current situation you are in.”

H. Johnson

“Mr. Hajek is an exemplary attorney. Experience matters when you are choosing an attorney for litigation or divorce.”

Timothy Isaacson

“Bob has counseled me in 4 different cases including my divorce, and eventually helping to reverse the permanent alimony due to cohabitation by my ex-wife. During the very contentious divorce he negotiated to limit my exposure to outlandish claims by the other attorney and my ex-wife, helped me keep my house in the process, and decreased the total outlay in spousal maintenance/ month that I would have eventually been paying pending the sale of the house. He then resolved my dispute over the alimony and her cohabitation, out of court. I would without reservation recommend Robert Hajek and his law firm to anyone. A respected law professor at the University of Minnesota, where I am a physician, referred him to me and Mr. Hajek was the only name on his very short list that he stated he would recommend. I think that speaks volumes!”

Fred O.

“As a CPA of more than 30 years, I have worked with Bob ( and other attorneys) on numerous divorces and other business matters. Bob is great at understanding the business and financial aspects of the problem and is then excellent at maneuvering through the legal process to attain the best result possible. His aggressive style also achieves results while moving things along.”

“Bob had represented me during my divorce 5 years ago and so when I again needed guidance and advice I felt he was the go to guy. I needed to negotiate and successfully close on a commercial investment real estate purchase. This is not my area of expertise so I turned to Bob. After a couple of months of preparation the deal finally closed last week. As with my divorce I encountered an attorney who had my interest in mind and produced great results at a very fair price.

I also used Bob a couple of years ago involving an employee theft situation from my business. On all three occasions I have been pleased and grateful to have been working with Bob Hajek.”

A super satisfied client from Mpls, MN

“I met Bob over an employment and separation dispute which proved complicated over an extended period of months. He quickly came to understand specialized medical issues to which he had not previously been exposed or encountered in his practice. Bob was always explicitly honest with me and treated me fairly at all times, ultimately securing for me a robust settlement at arbitration. Although I had been warned repeatedly that no one really “wins” when disputes are arbitrated, in the end I came to feel that I had,in fact, prevailed as much as possible in such matters. One cannot ask for more when you find yourself in an adversarial situation not of your choosing. Bob is a good and honest attorney.”

Barry M.

“Robert agreed to substitute as my attorney and represent me about two thirds of the way through my divorce, which was after trial and after the Referee declined to make a final decision. He used his depth of knowledge and experience to quickly master the facts and issues, which included how to handle our family business. He analyzed each step, explained my options, and then worked towards a successful conclusion.
This was a very difficult time for me and my family. I feel blessed and fortunate to have had Robert represent me.”
S. Ryan

“I hired Bob for a very confrontational divorce involving a number of different aspects. Business valuation, child custody and marital / non-marital property allocation were all involved. I had worked my entire life to get to the point I was at and when facing such a major life change having the right attorney was priceless. He saved me millions of dollars. After the dust settled I am now enjoying the life most people can only dream about. I will be the first one to say that without representation by Bob I definitely would not be in the place I am today.”

Jeff H.

“Bob helped me through my divorce and custody evaluation by using his vast experience and knowledge to get me the best outcome possible. His follow-through and attention to detail is unmatched, and his compassion and understanding helped me through the most difficult time in my life. I could always look to Bob to be the voice of logic when I needed guidance, and I thank him for all of his hard work and dedication to my case. I can truly say he has always been there for me, and I cannot express how grateful I am for everything he has done. I would highly recommend Bob to anyone.”

Paul G.

Bob inspires great confidence in his representation of his client. He has great understanding of the issues and can communicate to a normal person the best way to proceed and what the result will be. First time I have ever had anything positive to say about an attorney.

Chuck S.

“I was lucky to have chosen Bob to represent my best interests during my divorce proceedings. I came home to an empty house on a Friday without much warning and lost the ability to see my two children. I found Bob doing a internet search for “a lawyer for Dads.” Bob asked for an expedited hearing and got my rights back as a father through the court system. Although I felt at times the court system wasn’t fairly balanced I am more than happen with what Bob was able to accomplish in a short amount of time. He is knowledgeable and experienced in every type of situation. He also responded to any questions and concerns I had in a very timely manner. I would recommend his firm to any Moms or Dads needing assistance with divorce and custody proceedings. He gave me fair and honest expectations from the beginning.”

Jeff R.

“I changed attorneys during my divorce; I wish I had hired Bob Hajek from the start. He has the clarity to see the past the immediacy of disputes, and counseled me through the process with an understanding of what is in my long-term interest.”

Ken K.