The holiday season can prove stressful for everyone, thanks to tight schedules, tight budgets and familial obligations. If you are like many people in marriages across America, you may, too, find that you become particularly disenchanted with your significant other after the holidays pass. Maybe you disagree with your partner’s spending habits, maybe you’re tired of seeing your in-laws or perhaps you simply feel the spark has gone out.

If you are feeling this way after the start of the year, you are not alone, as divorce filings often spike in the month of March, after unhappily married individuals do their research and secure divorce attorneys. Why are the first few months of the year such a popular time for divorce filings?

Parents do not want to disappoint children

The holiday season is a time to spend with family, and many children spend months looking forward to special events and traditions they have created with their families. Likewise, many parents strive to make this time of year particularly special for their young ones, and the last thing they want to do is ruin the spirit of the season by announcing a separation or divorce.

Vacations can cause more problems

Another likely reason divorces spike in March and shortly after the new year begins is because many families take vacations around this time, and vacations are not always the relaxing, family-oriented excursions you might imagine. In some cases, traveling with your spouse may make you realize exactly what it is about him or her you can no longer stand, and the high costs associated with traveling can also lead to marital struggles. Furthermore, if you and your family have had a big vacation in your future for some time, you may not want to “ruin” the plan and waste all the money you already invested by announcing your plans to divorce before leaving.

Often, couples view vacations and special occasions as their last chance to reignite the spark with their partners. When this fails, divorce filings often follow.