Though you may enter a marriage thinking it will last, for nearly half of couples, that is not the case. If you are considering getting a divorce, there are a few things for you to consider.

A very beneficial aid in the divorce process is a pre-plan. There are a few key things to understand about this type of plan.

What it is

In short, a divorce pre-plan is a plan that parties can put into place before the divorce process starts to make sure they keep their affairs organized during what can be a hectic process. It is important to understand that it is very different from a prenuptial agreement. A prenup is put in place just in case a divorce occurs, while parties enact a pre-plan when they are ready to begin the divorce process.


There are a few different ways that a pre-plan can benefit the divorce process. Its purpose in general makes it beneficial, but it also aids in the future of the divorcing party. A divorce essentially separates two parties that once were one. Therefore, there is a serious adjustment process after a divorce. A pre-plan helps to secure a strong foundation for parties starting over once the process is complete.

Key steps

Though a pre-plan should cater to the needs of a specific divorcing party, there are certain steps that can benefit all parties who utilize this method. Some of the most common steps include the following:

  • Opening a post office box or personal mail account
  • Closing joint accounts and opening separate ones
  • Changing legal directives (such as on insurance plans)
  • Saving funds

Through this process, it is important to understand the divorce law of the state and to make sure that all actions are in alignment with the stipulations of the law. Parties may enact their pre-planning plans separately or together.

It is clear that a pre-plan can be helpful to various people during a divorce. Take some time to determine how to best implement a pre-plan in your particular situation.