A Business Approach To Divorce Pre-Planning

If you are not currently in the process of a divorce, but are considering your options, Robert Hajek will help you develop an effective strategy. With more than 35 years of experience in divorce, business and real estate law, Robert understands the complex issues that arise when an individual with significant wealth is confronting divorce.

Robert limits the number of cases he selects — and you will always deal directly with him. This allows him to give his clients the concierge service they need and deserve.

Gathering Facts And Documents To Support Your Case

Without pre-planning, divorces involving businesses and highly valuable assets can get caught up in costly and time-consuming disputes and litigation. You need a Minneapolis divorce planning attorney on your side who recognizes the unique requirements of individuals with significant assets and successful businesses.

Before your divorce is filed, Robert will help you make a determination of whether the property is community property, separate property or property excluded by a valid premarital agreement. He will also assist you in gathering the facts and documents to support your position. This will save time, money and confusion concerning how the assets are to be divided.

Contact Robert Hajek For Experienced Pre-Divorce Planning In Minnesota

If you’re an individual with significant wealth contemplating divorce, who do you want on your side of the table — a lawyer with just a few years of family law experience or an attorney with more than 35 years of experience in divorce, business and real estate law? Call Robert Hajek at 612 801 5067 or contact him online.