Helping Minnesota Business Owners Divorce

The average divorce attorney does not have the extensive background in business or real estate to handle the complex financial issues that may arise in a high-asset divorce.

Robert Hajek does.

For more than 35 years, Robert has handled litigation among shareholders, partners and members of limited liability companies to resolve various ownership and control disputes. Negotiating the end of a marriage for business owners requires the same sharp business skills.

More Than 35 Years Of Business Law, Real Estate And Divorce Experience

One of the most important steps in a divorce case is a pre-divorce planning session. This is too often ignored by other attorneys. During this session, Robert will review your finances, help create a case strategy and deliver a very accurate prediction on the outcome of your case. Proactive divorce planning can usually reduce the time and money spent on your case.

When it comes to protecting your business and other valuable assets such as patents and financial instruments, Robert has the skill and experience needed in complex property division. For the duration of his career, Robert has worked closely with real estate and business appraisers, which allows him to understand the most complex real estate and business valuation issues.

Robert strives to help you complete the divorce process as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, so you can get back to your life and your business. While other lawyers take on too many clients, Robert purposely limits the number of cases he takes on so that he can give each of his clients the immediate and personalized attention they need. When you call or e-mail Robert, you can expect him to reply promptly. Isn’t that the kind of concierge service you deserve from your lawyer?

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There are many divorce attorneys to choose from in Minnesota. However, Robert is the Minneapolis divorce lawyer for business owners who has the business and real estate background to help you with complex financial issues that may arise during your divorce.

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