Experienced Representation In Complex Financial Issues

Very few attorneys have the skill and experience to handle divorces involving the valuation of patents or other financial instruments such as limited liability companies (LLC) or real estate partnerships.

With more than 35 years of experience in business and real estate law, Robert Hajek has a comprehensive understanding of the issues involved when patents and other financial instruments must be valued and divided during a divorce. He also has access to highly knowledgeable financial experts who can render an opinion regarding the value of these assets.

An Attorney With More Than 35 Years Of Experience In Patent Rights

There are many divorce lawyers to choose from in Minnesota. However, there are few divorce lawyers who also have the real estate and business background necessary to tackle the complex process of valuing patents and other financial instruments. Inexperienced attorneys will rely heavily on expensive consultants to gain an understanding of the basic information that Robert has already mastered.

Robert has extensive experience working with business appraisers. In fact, he regularly consults with business and real estate appraisers to prepare them to testify at trials. As a result, he is able to quickly and comprehensively understand the most complex asset valuation issues such as minority interest and liquidity discounts.

Though Robert has a deep understanding of these aspects of asset valuation, he also has access to a network of experienced financial consultants. When necessary, Robert will work closely with consultants to assist them in obtaining and analyzing information and rendering an opinion that supports your claims.

Contact Robert Hajek For Assistance With The Valuation Of Business Partnerships And Other Financial Instruments

If your divorce involves the valuation and division of patents or other financial instruments, who do you want on your side of the table — a lawyer with a few years of divorce experience or an attorney with more than 35 years of experience in divorce, business law and real estate law? Call Robert Hajek at 612 801 5067 or contact him online.