Professional Practice Valuation Minnesota

The process of valuing and dividing professional practices is highly complex — one that very few divorce attorneys in Minnesota have mastered. Other lawyers simply can’t give you the experience that Robert Hajek can in both divorce and in protecting professional practices.

Better Results At Less Expense

Robert has more than 35 years of experience in family law, business law and real estate law. He understands legal and medical business valuation and how various professional practices and businesses throughout the Minneapolis area run. This understanding makes him uniquely qualified to represent doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountants, and other professionals and their spouses in divorce proceedings.

With Robert as your attorney, there is no “learning curve” for him to understand key elements of business issues that will arise in high-asset divorce. As a result, you can get better results at less expense.

Helping You Protect Your Professional Practice

Professional practices have unique aspects such as good will, partnerships and professional licenses that make dividing them especially challenging. Robert’s intimate knowledge of how your business works will allow him to quickly and competently identify all relevant issues. Additionally, he has access to a network of skilled financial consultants who can render expert opinions as to the value of your practice.

Throughout his more than 35-year legal career, Robert has worked closely with business and real estate appraisers. This experience has given him an unmatched ability to understand and interpret financial records, balance sheets and appraisals. This expertise is invaluable in pre-divorce planning and throughout the mediation or litigation process.

Unlike other law firms that share cases among their many attorneys, often leading to duplication of work and higher attorney fees, Robert will always personally handle your case. He purposely limits the number of cases that he takes on to ensure that each client receives the personal attention he or she needs and deserves. This intimate client-attorney relationship will not only save you money, it will also ensure that your case can proceed as quickly as possible.

Few lawyers have the business and real estate experience needed for a successful outcome in a high-asset divorce involving a professional practice. Who do you want on your side of the table? To discuss your legal concerns, contact Robert online or call 612 801 5067 .