Dividing Family Business Assets In A Minnesota Divorce

Very few divorce attorneys in Minnesota are qualified to handle the complex financial issues associated with the valuation and division of businesses, professional practices, real estate, patents and other financial instruments.

With more than 35 years of experience in divorce, business law and real estate law, Robert Hajek is uniquely qualified to represent clients confronting high-asset divorce. He has intimate knowledge of how businesses work and can quickly and competently identify all relevant issues. He will then provide advice as to how your assets should be valued and divided in your divorce. Additionally, he will draft the relevant documents to ensure that the division is successful.

An Attorney With A Business And Real Estate Background

If your divorce involves businesses and significant wealth, it is imperative that your divorce attorney has a business and real estate background. Without this experience, your attorney will be unable to quickly identify and understand the many issues that could arise during the valuation and division of these assets.

One of the most important — and most overlooked — steps in the divorce process is pre-planning. Unlike many other attorneys who skip this critical step, Robert encourages his clients to gather all important financial documentation and create a strategy before commencing the divorce action. Not only does this save clients money, it also saves them time.

As equally important as accurately valuing and dividing assets is taking the appropriate steps to ensure the division is successful. Robert will ensure that all relevant documentation is completed correctly. Additionally, he provides experienced counsel to follow through with the division of the property after the divorce. Having participated in hundreds of mediations and lawsuits, Robert is fully prepared to represent you whether negotiations are successful or your case requires trial.

Contact An Experienced Marital Property Division Attorney

While there are many divorce attorneys to choose from in Minnesota, only one lawyer has the business and real estate experience needed to handle complex property division issues in high-asset divorce. Call Robert Hajek at 612 801 5067 or contact him online.