Use Of Consultants In Minnesota Business Divorce

Working With Experts In High-Asset Cases

Consultants play an important role in a high-asset divorce case. However, with so much at stake, you can’t afford to use a lawyer who must call in a consultant every time you discuss your financial statements.

Robert Hajek has more than 35 years of experience in business and real estate law. He understands the unique issues that arise in high-asset divorces and knows how to use consultants strategically in a Minnesota divorce to render the best decision to support your claims.

The Consultant’s Role In A Divorce Case

Consultants such as expert witnesses and business appraisers are frequently used to render expert opinions on the value of assets such as separate property, businesses, patents and financial instruments. However, these experts are useless to your case unless your attorney guides and assists them in understanding their role in your divorce.

Robert will assist consultants in obtaining and analyzing critical information and supplying the law that the expert must use. He will then work with the consultant to obtain the best opinion to support your claims. Because Robert has extensive business, real estate and financial knowledge, he is also able to examine any opinions from the other side’s expert.

Use Of Joint Experts

In an effort to cut costs, parties may use a neutral “joint” expert to determine the value of an asset. You should be cautious of this approach. Often, two appraisers will arrive at very different opinions of value. When a neutral appraiser is used, there are no checks and balances to ensure that his or her opinion is correct.

Many times, it is better for one party to obtain an appraisal and for the other party to retain a review appraiser to examine the first appraiser’s opinion. This will disclose any errors made in the first appraisal and ensure you arrive at the correct value of your asset.

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